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Frequently asked questions - Police Station Agents

How to I become an agent for police station agent?

To become an police station agent you need to either register on our sister site https://www.policestationrepuk.com/ as a freelance police station representative or register on our page marked Agents Register Here page. We source all our Police station representatives from this two sources..

What forms do I need to fill out?

Generally we would ask that you complete our online App form. We would also ask that you get the client to sign legal aid forms which you can email to us as part of the online forms.

How and when do I get paid?

We pay by bank transfer, usually within 30 days subject to receiving all your notes from the police station and a properly completed attendance note. We have our own app which will be sent to you and which you can complete on your phone, tablet or a laptop which will automatically send us an attendance note when you typed in the relevant details. Police station agent - police station agents and representatives you can trust.

Will you pay my tax/national insurance/VAT?

As a police station agent you are self-employed. As such you are responsible for paying your own tax, national insurance and VAT if applicable. Please do not undertake a job as you will need to declare any payment from ourselves to the relevant tax authorities as applicable. Police station agent - police station agents and representatives you can trust

Can anyone become a Police Station Agent?

No. Unfortunately you have to be accredited as a police station representative. This involves passing an exam, a critical incidents test and submitting a portfolio to 1 of the assessment organisations of which there are currently two. It is a criminal offence if you pose as a police station representative when you are not. If you wish to find out how to become a police station representative please go to our sister site https://www.policestationrepuk.com/ Where there are full details as to how to become one.

What police station areas should I cover?

You should generally only cover police stations which you can get to within 45 minutes of being allocated. This is a legal aid agency requirement as part of the criminal contract.

Is this full time work?

No. The nature of working as a police station agent means that it is unlikely that you will be able to consider this as a full-time job unless you combine it with independent work that you have managed to obtain from local criminal solicitors.

Am I employed by you?

No. This is work where you are self-employed.

I work for a solicitors firm full time. Can I do this?

We advise you to check with your employer that they will be happy for you to do this in your spare time.

Am I free to do my own work?

Yes. You are free to do your own work.

I need a supervising solicitor for my police station portfolio. Will you be mine?

Unfortunately, this is something that we are asked practically every day and we cannot assist.

How much do I get paid per job?

This is negotiable per job but is generally between £80-£100 plus disbursements plus VAT.

Are you anything to do with Policestationrepuk?

Yes. That is our sister site. Please see the video.

Are you anything to do with No Comment?

No, we are nothing to do with no comment. There are a similar business to us but we have no connection. Please direct any queries regarding No Comment to them.

How do I get allocated a Job?

We initially allocate you the job by text message or email. We then grant you access to a online app which will give you all the details of the job. There is a job sheet which we ask that you fill out. The app will automatically email the details to us.

Am I insured as a Police Station Agent?

Yes, we hold our own insurance policy. As an agent you will be covered by not only the instructing solicitors insurance policy but our own personal insurance policy as well.

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