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Police Station Reps - Medway Police Station

Police Station Reps - Medway Police Station

Medway Police Station, Purser Way, Gillingham ME7 1NE

Medway Police Station

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How do i find out about someone who has been arrested in england and held in custody at a police station if they are over 18?

Finding out information about an individual who has been arrested and is being held in custody at a police station in England can be complicated, mainly due to privacy and confidentiality regulations.

As a rule, the police usually do not disclose information about a person in custody to anyone not directly involved, such as a lawyer, social worker, or immediate family, unless they have the consent of the individual in custody. There are exceptions for certain scenarios, such as safeguarding issues, or if there is a legitimate concern for the individual's wellbeing.

Here are a few ways you may be able to get information:

Direct Contact from the Individual: If you're a close friend or family member, the person arrested is usually given an opportunity to make a phone call. They may choose to contact you and inform you of their situation.

Legal Representative: If you're in contact with the person's solicitor or legal representative, they may be able to share some information about the individual's situation, provided they have the necessary permissions. Please note without that permission they cannot share anything.

Custody Visitor Scheme: This is a scheme where volunteers can visit police stations to check on the welfare of detainees. However, they can't disclose information about individual detainees to the public.

Contact the Police: In certain circumstances, and if you have a legitimate reason, you may contact the local police directly for information. They will decide what information can be disclosed based on various factors, including the person's rights, the impact on any ongoing investigations, and the reason for your enquiry. The default position is however other than confirming that they may be there they will disclose nothing further.

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