What is a Police Station Rep?

A Police Station Representative or "rep" is a person who is employed to assist clients of a Criminal Solicitors firm at a police station in England and Wales and to give them legal assistance and advice at a interview when they are being questioned by the police on suspicion of committing a criminal offence.

A police station rep in England and Wales has to be accredited. This usually means that they have passed a qualifying criminal law paper, a Critical Incidents test and submitted a portfolio to a testing organisation.

Many police station reps will also be legally qualified and hold things such as a qualifying law degree and be a Criminal Duty Solicitor or Higher Court Advocate. They have no connection with any investigating organisation i.e. the police and their main duty is to protect and advance their clients legal rights in a suspect interview. Most police station reps work for criminal solicitor practices. The practices will usually have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to provide free advice and assistance to members of the public when they are arrested and taken to police stations to be questioned. The practices will usually take police is a police station rota whereby they cover local police stations at set hours as directed by the Legal Aid Agency. This can be at any hour of the night or day and police station reps must be available to work at these times.

As mentioned police station reps are nothing to do with the police. Their advice is entirely free and what you tell them when you are arrested is confidential. They are bound by strict rules which means that they cannot tell the police or anyone else what you have said in your interview without your permission. You will be asked if you want free legal advice when you are arrested by the police - take it - it could mean the difference between being released without charge or time spent in prison.

Prepared by Robert Cashman - owner of police station agent - 07535 494446

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