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  • Do you give discounts?
    Yes! As Police Station Agents we give generous discounts if you pay by Bank Transfer. As your Police Station Agent, we give you a whopping 15% discount if you pay by Bank Transfer within 7 days.
  • Do you cover every Kent Police Station?
    Yes! At the time of writing, we cover every Kent Police Station both where clients are arrested and for voluntary interviews. We can also cover every non-custodial centre as well. We also cover DWP interviews and where interviews are arranged in clients' homes as well. If you are a member of the public, we can put you in touch with a Criminal Solicitor who can represent you free of charge at the police station and take your case on as well.
  • Do you cover other police stations as well?
    Yes! We regularly cover other police stations provided they are 45 minutes from Maidstone travel one way. With a bit of notice and if its a private matter at private rates we can cover further afield . Provided we have notice we are willing to travel for LAA pre-booked matters. Please note however you should be aware of the LAA standards which require attendance within 45 mins. For instance, whilst we can cover your matter in North Essex it simply is not practical for us to travel for 1 and a half hours just to get there and the LAA will query it and ask why you did not instruct a local police station agent on your behalf, We have a sister site where you can instruct a police station agent yourself direct. Please note if you instruct a police station agent direct that is a contract between you and the police station agent. We are not responsible for direct instructions.
  • What information do you require when we instruct you?
    We ask that you send us a copy of the DSCC text by text or email (to prove you are a Bonafide criminal practice). We also request that you send us the instructed solicitors' details; office details and your email address for our report along with confirmation you will pay our invoice within 30 days.
  • Will you extend payment terms/credit?
    Yes. Provided you contact us in advance of instructions. .
  • What information do I get when the matter is finished?
    You should receive a full set of agents notes along with a CRM14 online declaration form. For Kent matters you will receive all police station attendance notes in a computerised format. We have our own online computerised accounts package which you will be given access to with your own personal email and login. You will be able to access police station agents police station notes and forms, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a lengthy period after the matter has concluded. You will also be able to log in and view your account statement and details of invoices at any time.
  • Do you issue Vat compliant invoices ?
    Yes. We are fully registered for VAT. On completion of a matter, you will get a fully compliant VAT invoice which you can use to claim VAT back.
  • Do you use a computerised accounts package?
    Yes, we do. You can log in at any time to see the status of your matter, obtain copies of invoices and police station notes, old and new, raise queries, pay online, and obtain statements. You will be given your own log in, and password sent by email.
  • Can you contact the Police on my behalf. I need......? (Members of the public)
    We are nothing to do with the Police. Please call 101 if the matter is non urgent or 999 if an emergency. We are not a department of any UK police force. We suggest you contact the police direct on the numbers above. If you require information about someone in custody, we are afraid we cannot get it for you, If the person you are requesting information about is over eighteen and has already got a solicitor, you should ring the police station and ask the police for details of the solicitor who is representing him or her and contact the solicitor direct. You should be aware that unless and until the solicitors have the permission of the person who has been arrested to talk to you, they can tell you nothing. They are bound by legal rules not to tell you anything without the permission of their client. In limited circumstances if the police have arrested someone we can enquire if they require legal representation. They will be asked then, if they wish to have a solicitor. If they say no, we cannot act. In those circumstances we will be told nothing and can obtain no further information. The person when arrested will have been asked by the police, when arrested if they want someone informed of their arrest. If they decline to take up this option, it is their decision and must be respected.
  • I want to work for you. How do I go about it?
    Now we only take on fully accredited police station representatives or Criminal Solicitors. The nature of our job is that most of our work is at unsocial hours (Evenings and Weekends). We can only consider you if you are prepared to work at these times. If so, please send an email to
  • I want to be a Police Station Rep. How do I go about it?
    Please look at our sister website for details
  • Do you have a video?
  • Are you anything to do with Policestationrepuk?
    Yes. That is our sister site. Please see the video.
  • Do you undertake Private Work representing Members of the Public?
    Yes, we do! Because our founder is a practising solicitor and through his links with Tuckers Solicitors LLP, we are now able to represent members of the public at police stations or where a Prosecution Agency will interview them. We are experts at Business Fraud, Regulatory Prosecutions i.e. Trading Standards, Customs and Excise, Environmental Agency, and other business-based prosecution. We undertake such work on a private basis. We can also represent members of the public regarding criminal offences. Give us a ring!
  • I am a Probationary Representative and I need a Supervising Solicitor for my Police Station Portfolio?
    Sadly, We cannot help. It takes a considerable amount of unpaid time to supervise a probationary representative whilst training. You also have to sign off a portfolio as being undertaken by the probationary representative and supervise all training as well as complete a certificate of good character. We are self employed. We sadly do not have the resources to do this. The best suggestion we have is to write to all criminal solicitor firms in your local area stating what you need. The questions the firm will be asking themselves is, What's in it for us ? and you will need to answer that in your letter or email. Good Luck!

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