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Meet The Team and it's not just me!


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Robert Cashman 4_edited.png
Robert Cashman

Founder & Company Director


Robert is a  Practicing Criminal Solicitor and Higher Court Advocate. Qualified since 2001 he has over 25 years experience in Criminal law to call on. He has been an Advocate in all levels in the Criminal Courts specializing in Defence Work.  He has in that time acquired extensive experience purely in Criminal Law cases. Roberts states he can say he has dealt with all types of cases. He has extensive experience in murder, manslaughter and sexual offences.

He has undertaken cases at the highest levels and at its most complex. He is an expert in business law, regulatory law and major conspiracies. 

He can call on at any time experts and fellow solicitors and  experienced counsel from Tuckers Solicitors all of which are experts in case preparation,

O: 01634 832332 

M: 07897 020130

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