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Robert Cashman

Founder & Company Director


Robert is a  Practicing Criminal Solicitor and Higher Court Advocate. Qualified since 2001 he has over 25 years' experience in Criminal law to call on. He has been an Advocate in all levels in the Criminal Courts specializing in Defence Work.  He has in that time acquired extensive experience purely in Criminal Law cases. Roberts states he can say he has dealt with all types of cases. He has extensive experience in murder, manslaughter, and sexual offences.

He has undertaken cases at the highest levels and at its most complex. He is an expert in business law, regulatory law and major conspiracies. 

He can call on at any time experts and fellow solicitors and experienced counsel from Tuckers Solicitors all of which are experts in case preparation,

In the last 25 years Robert has dealt with a wide range of offences ranging from murder to international terrorism, from domestic assault to serious sexual offences. He has been involved in in criminal legal work for the majority of his career and has secured numerous acquittals both at the police station and in such prestigious venues as the Central Criminal Court. Priding himself on his professionalism he can deal with a wide variety of criminal cases and criminal clients having the knowledge, experience, and drive to deal with all his clients In a professional way. He has worked in for criminal legal aid difference in his extensive career finishing at his last firm at one of the most senior levels. He has defended  as a higher court advocate in cases at the Central Criminal Court, Snaresbrook Crown Court, Inner London Crown Court and Maidstone Crown Court. Concentrating now on Police stations attendances within the Kent area he has in the last three years represented detainees in over 2,500 Interviews. He estimates that throughout his career he has done more than 15,000 interviews, if not more. He has close links with numerous firms within the Kent area and continually works, as a duty solicitor, for one of the top five hundred firms in the Chambers and Partners directory.

O: 01732 247427 

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