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What Is A Criminal Solicitor ?

A Criminal Solicitor (often called a duty solicitor or criminal solicitors) is a legally qualified solicitor specialising in Criminal Law who provides legal advice and representation including advocacy to defendants who are accused of breaking the criminal law.


A Criminal Solicitor will hold a legal qualification in English Law. They may also be a duty  criminal solicitor and police station representive. They will be qualified to represent clients in the police station when they are interviewed by the police and in the Magistrates Court when the client appears at court.

Some Criminal Solicitor's will be Higher Court Advocates. This means that they hold a qualification in Criminal Law that enables them to represent clients in the Crown Court doing the equivalent job of a criminal barrister. They may deal with pleas; mode of trial; the trial itself and any sentence as well as appeals.

 A Criminal Solicitor must be qualified to practise law in England and Wales. A Criminal solicitor must also be registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), which regulates the legal profession. Most  Criminal Solicitors work in private practice for Criminal Defence firms though some work for the Crown Prosecution Service or other prosecution authorities .

 A Defence Criminal Solicitor is completely independent of the police and the prosecution. His or Her job is to give completely independent legal advice to his client. To be a Criminal Solicitor you must be honest, truthful, courageous and independent. As a Criminal Solicitor you could be dealing with difficult clients as a extremely stressful period of their life. You will help them to make decisions which can affect their whole future.

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