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Find a Police Station Rep NOW!

You know the problem. Your stuck in the office by yourself.... You work in a criminal solicitor's practice and you've just had that urgent call from the duty call centre................. the police are ready to interview your client at the police station. You can't go yourself. There is this important client coming in five minutes with this document for the Crown Court which you must just complete today.

Should you turn the call down? Give it back to the duty call centre? Cancel your important meeting with that important client and lose that client that you have worked so hard to keep?


it's free! and with one phone call you can instruct that local police station representative to cover that important call. He or she is a fully accredited after all or even a criminal duty solicitor.

Unlike your staff he or she will work pass 5:30 pm until such time as the case is finished.

They are available at unsociable hours; on evenings and weekends and bank holidays too!

And for a fraction as to what an agency will cost you! You might decide to instruct them every day.

Click on the picture below for the site.

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