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I Think I May Be Arrested By The Police. What Should I Do?

If you think you will be arrested by the police or you know that the police are looking for you there are a number of practical things you can do to improve your position:

1. Contact a Criminal Solicitor or Criminal Solicitors Practice immediately.

Most Criminal Solicitor Practices/Criminal Solicitors/Police Station Reps operate a free 24 hours a day/7 days a week/ 365 days a year service for attendance at police station interviews. In England and Wales the services of one of the above to assist you when you are interviewed by the police are completely free and are paid for by the Legal Aid Agency provided that the representatives firm holds a contract with the Legal Aid Agency for Police station advice and assistance.

2. Obtain details of the police officer in the case who wishes to speak to you.

Most Police officers if you are not in when then have attempted to arrest you will leave their details and a phone number asking you to call them. Record the information and pass it on to your legal representative. He or she will then be able to call the officer and find out what the matter is about. The more detail that you have, the easier it will be. Please note it is usually impossible to find out who wishes to speak to you without these details. Most police forces have a large number of officers and the specific investigating officers may be the only person who knows about your case.

3. Don't Delay.

Ring your legal representative immediately. Delay may mean that the police arrest you sooner than you might wish. By ringing your legal representative now you will be enable him to speak to the officer concerned and arrange a arrest by appointment or a voluntary interview. If you leave it for a period of time the officer may arrest you in the meantime and the possibility of a voluntary interview at a time and date of your your convenience may be lost .

4. Don't think the matter will simply go away.

If the police are looking for you they will find you. In serious cases you may be even getting someone else into trouble if they assist you to run away from the police. The police will keep searching for you until they arrest you. Simply because you have been hiding from the police does not mean that the matter will simply go away.

5. Speak to your lawyer as soon as possible.

The more information you give to your legal representative, the quicker he can advise you about your case. You may have a complete legal defence. You may be not guilty of the offence you thought you were guilty of. Speak to him or her now.

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