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Can You Get Free Legal Advice at the Police Station?

Updated: Jan 9

Understanding Legal Advice Rights in England and Wales After Arrest

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Being arrested can be a traumatic experience, especially if you have no idea about what happens after. One of the common questions asked by individuals held in police custody is if they can receive legal advice free at the police station It's essential to know your legal rights in these circumstances, as they can impact the outcome of your case. This blog post aims to help you understand if legal advice is free in England and Wales after arrest and what it covers.

The answer to whether legal advice is free if you're arrested in England and Wales is "yes." The police have a duty to ensure that you receive legal advice as quickly as possible if you're arrested and held in custody. This advice can be provided by your own criminal soliciitor or by the duty solicitor, a lawyer who is on call and available 24 hours a day. The cost of this advice is met by the state.

The duty solicitor or your own criminal solicitor can advise you on your legal rights, the charges against you, and the options available. You'll also be advised on whether you should answer police questions, as anything you say may be used in evidence against you.

It's worth noting that the solicitor may not necessarily represent you in court. If you're charged and decide to plead not guilty, you'll need to instruct a solicitor or barrister of your own choice. The Legal Aid Agency may provide funding to those who can't afford legal representation but meet certain eligibility criteria.

Legal advice doesn't just cover criminal offences - it can also extend to the conditions of your custody. You have the right to be held in a safe and humane environment, and legal aid can help you enforce this right. For example, you may need legal advice if you're not receiving appropriate medication while in custody, or if you're being bullied by other detainees.


Legal advice is available for free after an arrest in England and Wales, and it covers your legal rights, the charges against you, and the options available. The duty solicitor will provide this advice, and it's paid for by the state.n. Knowing your legal rights and taking advantage of legal advice can significantly impact the outcome of your case.

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