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Released Under Investigation Versus Bail

Updated: May 11, 2023

Released under Investigation Versus Bail

The charges have been dropped, but the damage has been done. Your reputation is in tatters, you may have lost your job, and your family is struggling to cope. You were released under investigation (RUI) instead of on bail, but what does that mean for you? Is there any difference between the two? Unfortunately, the answer is not clear cut:

When someone has been arrested by police, they will either be released under investigation (RUI) or bailed. Released under investigation means that the person is allowed to go free with no conditions but further investigations into their case may take place and the individual may still face prosecution or other action in due course. Bailed means that the person can also go free, but only on certain conditions laid down by police such as attending a police station regularly, abiding by set curfews and restrictions, or even staying out of specified areas.

It's important to note that being released under investigation does not necessarily mean an individual is innocent or guilty - this simply means the police have insufficient evidence at the time of arrest to charge them. Released under investigation can also last much longer than police bail, with no automatic time limit. It may take months or even years for the police to decide if prosecution should go ahead or not, but the individual may still remain under investigation during this period.

The decision of whether someone is released under investigation or bailed will depend on a variety of factors such as the severity and nature of the alleged crime and any previous convictions or criminal activity. It's also important to note that being released under investigation does not mean an individual can't be arrested again - they could be re-arrested at any time in connection with the same offence.

It is therefore essential for individuals who have been arrested and either Released Under Investigation (RUI) or Bailed to seek legal advice and support as soon as possible in order to understand what is happening and protect their rights.

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