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What Does A Criminal Solicitor Do? Part One - Police Station Representation - The Initial Job

Updated: Feb 26

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A Criminal Solicitor in England and Wales is a unique job unlike any other. Unlike other jobs it is essentially an amalgam of different roles. In essence if you are a Criminal Solicitor (for the defence) you will generally provide the following services:

  1. Provide Legal Representation to Defendants in the Police Station.

2. Provide Legal Representation to Defendants in the Magistrates Court including Advocacy.

3. Undertake file work and case preparation for Criminal cases in both the Magistrates

and the Crown Court.

4. Obtain instructions from Defendants at home, in police stations, Courts and Prisons.

5. If suitably qualified, as a Higher Court Advocate "HCA" represent Clients as an Advocate in the Crown Court.

Being a Criminal Solicitor is not a "9 to 5 job" but can be physically and mentally demanding. Defendants can be arrested day or night, 365 days of the year. Most successful criminal solicitors are "Duty Solicitors" contrary to popular belief they are not employed by or in league with the police but are criminal solicitors who have done additional qualifications to enable them to give legal advice to unrepresented Defendants at the police station or at the Magistrates Court. Everyone who is arrested in England and Wales and who are to be interview by the police are entitled to use the duty solicitor. This will be a Criminal Solicitor who is on a rota willing to come out to the police station day or night to represent a unrepresented defendant. Their services are free and they partake in the duty rota according to the available slots. Most duty solicitors will do 24 hours on a rota and hence it can be physically and mentally demanding representing defendants with little notice and little sleep. Again contrary to popular belief being a criminal solicitor is not well paid. Most Criminal Solicitors are paid by the Legal Aid Agency who pay their criminal solicitors firm a set rate per police station. This can be despite the number of hours they attend; the seriousness of the case or the time of day. Some fees are as low as £208 for a whole case however many the attendances.

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Robert Cashman is a Solicitor with Tuckers Solicitors who offers private and legal aid representation at the police station and in Court through Tuckers Solicitors. . If you wish to instruct him with regard to a criminal case please click on his image or phone 07535 494446



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